Got Structure? Need it?

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    The jungle gym is a great blend of structure and chaos. Perfect for kids.

    In an organization, we need that same perfect blend — the one appropriate to the company’s size. After all, we are kids at heart, right?

    A start up has few systems. Expenses need to be tracked. A business plan is needed for financing. The organizational structure can flow – we are getting things going. Once the revenue stream is there, we need to know who’s on first – to ensure commitments are met.

    As the organization grows, it is practical to add structure. However, keeping the chaos, the motivation, the energy and purpose is key. Adding structure while maintaining energy is a challenge. It takes adding the structure with finesse only as needed.

    When the organization is choking on its own bureaucracy it’s one sign there is too much structure. Have the systems of a $300B organization been added to a much small company? If so, it will only slow the company down.

    Yes, ensure employees are treated fairly across the organization, ensure laws are met, the work is safe and so on — but maintain the employee ingenuity, the ideas that serve customers and open new products and market. Keep the ability to move fast!

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