How to Start an LLC in Oregon – 10 Steps for 2024

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    Establishing an LLC in Oregon is a simple procedure that presents entrepreneurs with a versatile and advantageous business framework. To commence the creation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state, prospective business proprietors must adhere to a series of steps.

    These steps encompass various pivotal decisions, ranging from selecting an exclusive and compliant business name to submitting the requisite formation documents to the Oregon Secretary of State. They involve appointing a registered agent and determining the management structure of the LLC.

    Comprehending the regulatory obligations and abiding by state guidelines ensures a seamless and effective establishment of an LLC in Oregon, offering entrepreneurs both liability protection and operational flexibility inherent within this particular business structure.

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    Starting an LLC in New Oregon in 10 Steps

    Step 1: Naming Your Oregon LLC

    Choosing the right company name is the first and most important step when starting an LLC in Oregon. It’s essential to follow Oregon’s naming guidelines and make sure that the chosen name can be easily found by potential customers.

    Adhere to Naming Guidelines:

    • Include “limited liability company” or its abbreviations (LLC or L.L.C.) in your name
    • Steer clear of terms that might cause confusion between your LLC and a government entity (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc)
    • Be mindful of specific restricted terms (e.g., Bank, Attorney, University) that may require extra documentation and the participation of a licensed professional, like a doctor or lawyer, in your LLC

    Check Name Availability in Oregon:

    Please ensure that the intended name isn’t already in use by conducting a name search on the State of Oregon website. To find detailed instructions on how to search for an LLC name in Oregon, refer to our comprehensive guide or utilize our free LLC name generator for generating potential names.

    Confirm URL Availability:

    In order to ensure that your selected business name is available as a web domain, it’s recommended to verify its availability. Even if you don’t currently have intentions of creating a business website, it’s beneficial to secure the URL in order to prevent others from obtaining it later on.

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    Step 2: Select a Designated Representative

    Selecting a registered agent plays a vital role in managing communication between your LLC and the state. This designated individual or entity takes charge of serving legal documents if your LLC is faced with legal action.

    Once you have completed the necessary steps to establish an LLC in Oregon, it becomes crucial to choose a dependable agent. The person or entity you select should be reliable and organized, ensuring timely notification and compliance with legal obligations.

    A registered agent can be any resident of Oregon or an authorized business entity operating within the state. Some LLCs appoint one of their members or their attorney as the registered agent. 

    Opting for an attorney provides additional advantages, such as swift notifications and access to legal guidance.

    Insider Tip: If your company doesn’t have its own legal representation or prefers not to assign an LLC member as the agent, consider hiring a third-party service to act as your registered agent. 

    Such LLC formation services not only accept all documents on behalf of your LLC but also provide assistance in meeting compliance requirements by sending reminders for annual filings and fees.

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    Step 3: Submit Your Articles of Organization

    Establishing an LLC in Oregon entails a vital step of submitting the articles of organization. Fortunately, the Oregon Secretary of State offers a comprehensive and easily fillable form, simplifying the process of crafting this organizational document.

    Oregon’s LLC regulations require that your organizational form should contain:

    • The LLC name
    • Duration of the company
    • Street address of the principal office
    • Name and address of the registered agent
    • Mailing address of the LLC for essential correspondence
    • Management Structure (member-managed or manager-managed)
    • Optional professional service note
    • Optional provisions (Oregon LLC laws permit additional specifications such as indemnification for specific members or primarily for benefits purposes)
    • Names and addresses of individuals forming the business (organizers)
    • List of members and/or managers along with their addresses
    • Name and address of an individual with direct knowledge of the LLC’s operations and activities
    • Signature of the LLC organizer

    If this seems daunting, the Oregon Secretary of State offers instructions to guide you through each element of the form, providing helpful explanations and clarifications. For a more efficient process, consider setting up an Oregon LLC Login to complete the form using the state’s online platform.

    Is a Physical Principal Office Address Required to Establish an Oregon LLC?

    Even if your LLC functions remotely or in a virtual capacity, you must still provide a physical address when filing the organization form. While some businesses may already possess office space, those operating remotely may opt to use their home address on the form.

    However, it’s important to acknowledge that your address and contact details become part of the public record upon registration, which may raise privacy concerns. To mitigate this, Oregon allows the use of alternative addresses instead of your home address, including:

    • Attorney’s office
    • Registered agent’s address
    • Service company

    How Long Does It Take to Establish an LLC in Oregon?

    When you choose to file your articles of organization electronically on Oregon’s platform, your LLC registration will be completed within one business day. If you decide to submit a paper form through the mail, it will take approximately three to four weeks for processing.

    Mailing Address:

    Secretary of State, Corporation Division

    255 Capitol St. NE

    Suite 151

    Salem, OR 97310

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    Step 4: Draft Your Operating Agreement

    Although not obligatory according to Oregon regulations, crafting an operating agreement emerges as an essential measure when founding an LLC in the state. This written record acts as a central repository for critical details regarding the LLC’s operations, including:

    • Day-to-day operations of the company
    • Organizational hierarchy and management structure
    • Member responsibilities and duties
    • Agreements among members
    • Procedures for LLC termination
    • Voting protocols

    The inclusion of various details that members consider necessary, such as the scheduling of annual meetings or the conditions for dissolving the LLC, is permitted in the operating agreement. 

    Acting as a binding contractual document, it ensures that members adhere to the agreed-upon terms, much like a reliable guide guarantees a successful journey.

    Operating without an operating agreement is comparable to embarking on a cross-country trip without a GPS or map — there’s a risk of never reaching the desired destination.

    To outline expectations and protocols effectively and safeguard the LLC’s ability to conduct its intended business operations, clear instructions and shared information among members are crucial.

    Step 5: Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    While the majority of businesses are required to obtain a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN), single-member LLCs without employees are exempt from this requirement. Instead, these entities can use the owner’s Social Security number (SSN) on their tax documents.

    However, it’s highly recommended that even single-member LLCs obtain an EIN. In addition to providing increased privacy compared to using your SSN, many banks and financial institutions prefer an EIN when opening accounts for your LLC.

    Obtaining an EIN is a simple process that can be done at no cost through the IRS website. Opting for an online application ensures immediate receipt of your EIN.

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    Step 6: Secure the Exclusive Use of Your Name by Trademarking It

    When you register your LLC name in Oregon, it doesn’t automatically give you exclusive rights to use that name. This can be a problem if the uniqueness of your name is important for your business marketing strategy. To protect both your brand and the name of your LLC, it’s wise to consider trademarking.

    Trademarking a name is similar to patenting an invention. Once successfully completed, it prevents others from using your name and gives you legal recourse if they infringe upon it. To ensure that your LLC’s name is original, you can conduct a thorough search in the trademark database.

    Unlike Oregon LLC laws, which may only require slight modifications or rewording for distinctiveness, trademarks have a stricter “no-similarity standard”. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides guidelines on what constitutes names that are too similar or likely to cause confusion.

    Step 7: Fulfill Additional Legal Obligations for Your Oregon LLC

    After the successful registration of your LLC, it’s imperative for members to continually fulfill their legal obligations for the duration of the company’s existence.

    Submit Annual Reports (Annual Renewal)

    In Oregon, it’s mandatory for every active LLC to submit an annual report, also referred to as an annual renewal, to the Secretary of State. 

    This filing needs to be done annually on either the anniversary of the Articles of Organization’s effective date or the date when the LLC was granted permission to operate in Oregon (for foreign LLCs).

    The submission of the annual report is done online and incurs a fee. In-state LLCs are required to pay $100 for this filing, while foreign LLCs have a higher fee of $275.

    Register With the Oregon Department of Revenue

    In Oregon, certain LLCs are required to register with the Oregon Department of Revenue in order to fulfill their state tax obligations. It should be noted that although there is no sales tax in Oregon, LLCs with employees are still required to register with the DOR. 

    For more information on this matter, including the necessary forms and additional registration details, please visit the official website of the Oregon Department of Revenue.

    Acquire Business Licenses and Permits

    Certain categories of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in Oregon might be obligated to obtain one or multiple business licenses or permits from the state or local authorities, depending on their nature of operations and geographic location.

    To gain more information about the specific licensing prerequisites at the local level, it’s advised to contact the city or county clerk in the region where your LLC is established.

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    Step 8: Oregon LLC Tax Filing Guidelines

    Based on the type of business you have, it may be necessary for you to register in one or multiple tax classifications.

    Sales Tax

    Oregon is one of the few states that doesn’t impose a sales tax, and there are no additional local sales tax rates.

    Employer Taxes

    To ensure compliance with Oregon’s requirements, it’s advised to utilize the Oregon Business Registry portal for registering Unemployment Insurance Tax and Employee Withholding Tax when hiring employees.

    Income Tax


    Oregon utilizes a progressive system for individual income taxation, wherein the rates vary between 4.75% and 9.9%, depending on the income of your limited liability company (LLC). Additionally, certain local jurisdictions may levy a local income tax.

    The deadline for filing state tax returns is April 18th each year. To calculate your taxes or ascertain which tax bracket you fall into, it’s advisable to refer to the Oregon Department of Revenue website.


    To fulfill your obligation to the government, you must file your federal income tax using either Form 1065 for a multi-member LLC or Form 1040 Schedule C for a single-member LLC.

    Hiring Employees in Oregon

    To ensure legal compliance when hiring employees, it’s essential to follow these steps:

    • Confirm the eligibility of new employees to work in the US
    • Report new employees as “new hires” to the state
    • Offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees
    • Deduct employee taxes as required
    • Clearly display workplace compliance posters in your workspace

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    Step 9: Explore Business Insurance Options in Oregon

    Despite providing personal asset protection, having an LLC doesn’t eliminate the necessity for insurance. In Oregon, there are specific types of insurance that are legally required, such as workers’ compensation insurance. 

    Additionally, there may be other policies that are not mandatory but could still be necessary due to external factors like landlords or lenders.

    Many owners of Oregon LLCs opt for comprehensive coverage beyond the legal minimums. The Oregon insurance market is overseen by the Division of Financial Regulation, offering resources for business owners seeking coverage. Commonly chosen policies include:

    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Essential for LLCs with employees, this coverage protects against on-the-job injuries. It’s important to note that independent contractors aren’t covered under this policy
    • General Liability Insurance: Valuable for any LLC that could face liability for bodily injury, property damage, slander, libel, or misleading advertising
    • Commercial Automobile Insurance: Required for all Oregon vehicles, whether for commercial or personal use
    • Unemployment Insurance: Oregon employers contribute to an unemployment insurance tax, which supports the state’s fund for laid-off workers

    Step 10: Promote Your Oregon LLC

    Once you’ve sorted out the legal requirements for setting up your Oregon LLC, you can turn your attention to the marketing and brand development phase. 

    LLC marketing involves various branding elements, including slogans, taglines, color schemes, fonts, logos, and maintaining a consistent company voice across written materials.

    These elements translate into marketing strategies such as:

    • Pay-Per-Click Web Ads: The Internet plays a crucial role in today’s sales and marketing strategies. Small business startups often find value in the precise targeting offered by internet ads displayed on web pages, online videos, and social media platforms.
    • Social Media Influencer Campaigns: Building a presence on social media provides diverse marketing opportunities. For example, collaborating with social media influencers can help promote your product or service to their followers.
    • TV and Radio Advertisements: Though expensive, traditional TV and radio ads can introduce your company to a broad audience.
    • Store Displays: Some businesses invest in showcasing their products in retail stores to attract attention. These displays allow customers to engage directly with the products at the point of sale.

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    Oregon LLC Checklist

    Requirements for Naming an Oregon LLC

    To register an LLC in Oregon, its name must be unique and distinguishable from existing businesses registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. Additionally, the name must contain one of the following terms: “Limited Liability Company,” “LLC,” or “L.L.C.”

    Formational Documents and Fees

    The following documents and fees are required for establishing an Oregon LLC:

    • Optional: Application for Name Reservation, incurring a $100 filing fee
    • Mandatory: Submission of Articles of Organization-Limited Liability Company, accompanied by a $100 filing fee

    Procedure for Registration

    Establishing an LLC in Oregon involves submitting the Articles of Organization-Limited Liability Company to the Oregon Secretary of State.

    Additional Legal Obligations

    All Oregon LLCs conducting business are obligated to:

    • File Annual Reports (Annual Renewals) on an annual basis
    • Register with the Oregon Department of Revenue, particularly crucial for LLCs with employees
    • Obtain relevant business licenses and permits as per the business type and location within Oregon

    Foreign LLC Registration

    LLCs originating from other states seeking to operate in Oregon must:

    • Adhere to Oregon’s LLC naming regulations, verifying name availability via the Oregon Secretary of State Business Name Search
    • Appoint an Oregon registered agent
    • File an Application for Authority to Transact Business–Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Oregon Secretary of State, accompanied by a $275 filing fee
    • Provide the LLC’s registration number from its home state or furnish a Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Existence issued within the last 60 days

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    How to Start an LLC in Oregon – FAQs

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