What Does it Cost to Form a Rhode Island LLC in 2024?

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    Starting your own business in Rhode Island with an LLC involves serious thinking, not just about initial administrative duties but also about the financial repercussions. Even though the potential costs might seem intimidating at first glance, it’s crucial to understand that there are ways to cut these expenses smartly.

    Today’s discussion will tackle the costs of setting up an LLC in Rhode Island. We’ll also highlight services like Tailor Brands, which can be a real boon, guiding you to make wise financial choices on your entrepreneurial path.

    Let’s dive into the details of expenses and discover the opportunities to save money as you embark on this exciting venture.

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    What Is the Cost of Forming an LLC in Rhode Island?

    The main expense of establishing an LLC in Rhode Island is the $150 fee required to file your LLC’s Articles of Organization via the Rhode Island Department of State’s online system.

    Rhode Island Foreign LLC Formation Costs

    If you already have an LLC registered in another state and plan to expand your business to Rhode Island, you must register your LLC as a foreign entity there.

    The LLC cost to register a foreign LLC in Rhode Island is $150. To do this, you must submit an Application for Registration for a Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form 450).

    Annual Cost for LLCs in Rhode Island

    Creating an LLC in Rhode Island involves ongoing costs that must be considered in your financial planning.

    The recurring expenses for an LLC in Rhode Island include a $50 filing fee for the required Annual Report and the Resident Agent Fee. This fee arises from the need for a registered agent, though there’s only a continuous charge for this service if you choose a professional to handle the role.

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    How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Rhode Island With the Best LLC Service? 

    Tailor Brands LLC Formation Cost

    Starting an LLC in Rhode Island involves a basic filing fee of $150, which could increase based on additional options you choose. Normally, processing takes 2 to 3 weeks. However, you can speed up the process to 4 to 6 days for an extra $50, or even faster to 1 to 2 days for a $100 fee.

    Tailor Brands offers a variety of LLC formation plans. The most basic is the Lite LLC plan, which includes LLC formation service and standard processing times at the cost of only the state filing fee. The next tier, the Essential LLC plan, is priced at $199 plus state fees and features expedited processing, annual compliance services, and an operating agreement. It also requires an annual maintenance fee of $199 to keep these services. 

    The Elite LLC plan is the premium option, costing $249 plus state fees. It covers all the benefits of the Essential plan and adds extras such as a free business domain for the first year, a do-it-yourself website builder, an online store, eight free logos, a digital business card, a business cards tool, and a tool for creating social media posts. A recurring annual fee of $249 is necessary to maintain these benefits.

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    Additional Costs When Starting an LLC in Rhode Island

    Rhode Island LLC Name Costs

    Choosing a name for your Limited Liability Company is included at no extra cost in Rhode Island. When you file your Articles of Organization, the Rhode Island Division of Business Services automatically approves your LLC name without any additional fees.

    You may find online sources that mention the need for LLC Name Reservations, but this is often not required in most states; reserving a name is generally not necessary to start an LLC.

    However, if you want to secure your preferred name before officially forming your LLC, you can submit an LLC Name Reservation (Form 620) with a $50 filing fee. This reserves the name for up to 120 days before you establish the LLC.

    Rhode Island Registered Agent Costs

    In Rhode Island, the cost for a Registered Agent ranges from $0 to $125 annually. When you form an LLC in Rhode Island, you must designate a Registered Agent (also known as a Rhode Island Resident Agent) who is tasked with handling legal documents and state communications for your LLC. This agent is required to have a physical address in Rhode Island and must be available during regular business hours.

    There’s no fee if you or someone you know serves as your Registered Agent. Alternatively, professional Registered Agent services are available, typically costing between $100 and $300 per year. These services cover legal paperwork, provide additional business services, and help protect your privacy.

    It’s recommended to use a professional Registered Agent service if you don’t have a physical address in Rhode Island or if you prefer to keep your personal address off public records. Some services may even permit the use of their address for business registration.

    Rhode Island Operating Agreement Costs

    The LLC Operating Agreement is available at no cost.

    In Rhode Island, the LLC Operating Agreement is a crucial document that outlines the ownership and management structure, as well as how profits are distributed among the members of the LLC. It’s important for both Single-Member and Multi-Member LLCs and should be written, maintained in the business records, and provided to each member.

    Typically, many websites charge between $50 to $200 to draft LLC Operating Agreements, but there are no fees required in this instance.

    Rhode Island EIN Cost

    Obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number), also known as a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), for your LLC is free of charge. This number is crucial for various activities such as filing income taxes, opening a bank account for your LLC, and hiring employees if needed.

    While some websites may offer to obtain an EIN for a fee, you can actually acquire it for free. The application process is fast and can be completed online via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website in just a few minutes.

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    Rhode Island LLC Taxes

    The annual expenses for Rhode Island LLC owners can vary widely, primarily because of the different taxes they need to pay. These taxes include:

    Federal Income Taxes

    The IRS provides several tax treatment options for LLCs. For Single-Member LLCs, they’re treated as Disregarded Entities for tax purposes. This means the LLC doesn’t have to file a separate federal income tax return.

    Instead, the Single-Member LLC owner is responsible for filing the tax return and paying the federal income taxes. The tax treatment depends on the owner’s status: if owned by an individual, the LLC is taxed like a Sole Proprietorship; if owned by another company, it’s considered a branch of that parent company.

    Multi-Member LLC Taxes

    For LLCs that have multiple owners, the taxation follows a Partnership model. The LLC must file a 1065 Partnership Return and provide each owner with a Schedule K-1. This Schedule K-1 details each owner’s share of the profits, which are then “passed through” to the owners.

    As a result, each owner is responsible for paying income taxes on their portion of the profits through their personal tax return (Form 1040).

    Husband and Wife LLC Taxes

    In community property states, a husband and wife who operate an LLC together have the option to be taxed as a Single-Member LLC (Qualified Joint Venture) rather than a standard Multi-Member LLC. This simplification in the tax filing process isn’t available in states such as Rhode Island. The option to choose this tax status makes the taxation process easier in community property states.

    Election for Corporate Taxation

    Apart from the standard tax classifications, an LLC can choose to be taxed as a Corporation, with two options available: S-Corporation or C-Corporation.

    To be taxed as an S-Corporation, an LLC needs to file Form 2553. This election can provide tax benefits for profitable businesses. On the other hand, choosing C-Corporation status requires filing Form 8832 and may offer advantages like healthcare cost savings for larger employers.

    Rhode Island State Income Tax

    Rhode Island requires that all LLCs, both Single-Member and Multi-Member, file an Information Return (Form RI-1065) every year. Pass-through entities must pay a Rhode Island Minimum Tax of $400 annually. Along with submitting Form RI-1065, owners are also required to file their personal state-level tax returns using Form RI-1040.

    Pass-through Entity Tax Election

    LLCs in Rhode Island can opt for the Pass-through Entity Tax Election (PTE), allowing the LLC to report income at the entity level. This requires unanimous consent from all LLC members. The reporting is done using Form RI-PTE, which is submitted to the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, along with individual state-level tax returns.

    Local Income Tax for Rhode Island LLCs

    Folks owning an LLC might need to cough up local income taxes in their area. Best bet? Hire an accountant to keep things tight and right.

    Rhode Island Sales Tax

    If you’re selling goods in Rhode Island, you might need to gather sales tax and snag a Seller’s Permit. Known too as a resale license, sales tax permit, or reseller permit, this document lets you charge sales tax on retail deals across the state. You can get registered for your business taxes online through the Combined Online Registration Service.

    Rhode Island LLC Payroll Taxes

    In Rhode Island, LLCs with staff need to handle payroll taxes, which include withholding for federal and state income, Social Security, Medicare, FUTA, SUTA, and more deductions.

    Setting up a payroll system, calculating the taxes, and filing them correctly is crucial to avoid fines. Due to the complexity, many choose to hire experts to manage payroll taxes.

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    Rhode Island LLC Cost – FAQs


    In conclusion, setting up an LLC in Rhode Island reveals a complex financial scenario that goes much deeper than just the initial registration fee.

    This process encompasses a range of financial tasks, from securing necessary documents to hiring registered agents. Dealing with critical components such as operating agreements and securing an EIN underscores the intricacies involved. In this detailed financial environment, the expertise of LLC service providers like Tailor Brands is immensely beneficial.

    With a comprehensive grasp of these diverse costs and backed by Tailor Brands’ guidance, aspiring business owners can confidently launch their Rhode Island LLC journey.

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