Cost to Form an LLC in Nevada Including Tax & Renewal Fee

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    Starting your own LLC in Nevada opens a path filled with various costs and considerations, not just the basic paperwork. But don’t worry, it looks scarier than it really is. We’re here with top-notch LLC services like Tailor Brands that can make a big difference. They help you find smart ways to cut down on expenses.

    In this article, we dive into what it really costs to set up an LLC in Nevada and show you how to keep your finances in check.

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    What Is the Cost of Forming an LLC in Nevada?

    The main expense to get your LLC started in Nevada is a $425 fee. This covers the online submission of your LLC’s Articles of Organization, Initial List, and Business License Fee with the Nevada Secretary of State.

    Nevada Foreign LLC Formation Costs

    If you own an LLC registered in another state, and you want to expand your business into Nevada, you’ll need to register your LLC as a foreign entity there. This process includes a fee of $425 and requires submitting an Application for Registration of Foreign Limited-Liability Company, which you can also send by mail.

    Annual Cost for LLCs in Nevada

    Maintaining an LLC in Nevada requires understanding ongoing costs crucial for effective financial management. Knowing these expenses helps with budgeting and ensuring your LLC’s financial health.

    Key ongoing costs for a Nevada LLC include an annual list filing fee of $150 to keep member information current with the state, a $200 business license fee, a fictitious firm name renewal fee of $20 every five years (according to Clark County rules), and a registered agent fee that ranges from $100 to $300 annually, depending on the service provider.

    Factoring these costs into your financial plan is vital for making informed decisions and keeping your LLC financially healthy.

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    How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Nevada With the Best LLC Service? 

    Tailor Brands LLC Formation Cost

    Tailor Brands plans and pricing

    The starting cost to register an LLC in Nevada is $425, but this can change based on specific needs. Normally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to process, but you can speed it up. For an extra $50, you get your registration done in 4 to 6 days, or even quicker, 1 to 2 days for an additional $100.

    Tailor Brands Lite LLC’s plan is the most wallet-friendly, charging only state fees for basic LLC formation with standard processing times. Their Essential LLC plan runs for $199 plus state fees. It speeds up the process, adds annual compliance, and throws in an operating agreement. To keep these perks, there’s a $199 annual charge. 

    The Elite LLC plan, priced at $249 plus the state fees, includes everything from the Essential and tosses in a bunch of cool extras. Think of a free business domain for the year, a DIY website builder, an online store, eight nifty logos, a digital business card, a tool for creating business cards, and a gadget for whipping up social media posts. Enjoying these features after the first year will set you back $249 annually.

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    Additional Costs When Starting an LLC in Nevada

    Nevada LLC Name Costs

    Choosing a name for your Nevada Limited Liability Company is free, and you don’t have to file a Name Reservation. Simply include your preferred LLC name on the Articles of Organization. Once the state approves your filing, your chosen Nevada LLC name is officially yours.

    However, if you want to secure your name before officially forming the LLC, you can reserve it for up to 90 days. Just submit a Name Reservation Request with a $25 filing fee, which you can also send by mail.

    Nevada Registered Agent Costs

    In Nevada, you can choose to be your own Registered Agent at no cost, or you can pay $125 per year for a professional service. Nevada law requires every LLC to appoint a Registered Agent during the formation process. This agent is responsible for receiving legal documents and state notices on behalf of your LLC and must be available during normal business hours with a physical address in the state.

    There are no extra charges if you decide to act as your own Registered Agent or if a friend or acquaintance takes on this role for your business.

    However, you can also opt to hire a professional Registered Agent service, which typically costs between $100 and $300 annually. These services offer more than just basic agent duties; they provide additional business support and privacy protections.

    Hiring a Registered Agent service might be the right move if:

    • You don’t have a physical address in Nevada (state law requires an in-state address for Registered Agents).
    • You prefer to keep your address off public records (some services allow you to use their address to enhance your privacy).

    Nevada Operating Agreement Costs

    The Nevada LLC Operating Agreement, available for free, is a formal document shared among LLC Members. It outlines detailed information about LLC ownership, management structure, and profit distribution methods. It’s recommended that both single-member and multi-member LLCs create an Operating Agreement, keep it with their business records, and provide each member with a copy.

    However, most online services charge between $50 and $200 to draft LLC Operating Agreements.

    Nevada EIN Cost

    Getting a Nevada LLC EIN Number for free, also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax ID Number, is essential for tasks like filing income taxes, opening an LLC bank account, and hiring employees when needed. While many services charge a fee to issue an EIN, you can obtain it at no cost directly from the source.

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers this service online, enabling you to secure your EIN quickly and free of charge.

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    Nevada LLC Taxes

    Many Nevada LLC owners face a range of taxes, leading to significant differences in annual costs. Some of the taxes paid by LLC owners include:

    Federal Income Taxes

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides different federal income tax treatment options for your LLC, depending on its ownership structure.

    Single-Member LLC Taxes (Default Status)

    For taxation, the IRS treats Single-Member LLCs as Disregarded Entities, implying that these LLCs are not required to file a separate federal income tax return. Instead, the owner of the LLC is responsible for reporting the income and paying taxes via their individual tax return.

    Multi-Member LLC Taxes (Default Status)

    If your LLC is owned by multiple people, it’s classified as a Partnership for tax purposes. The LLC is required to file a Form 1065 Partnership Return and issue Schedule K-1s to each owner. The owners must then report their share of the profits on their personal tax returns.

    Husband and Wife LLC Taxes

    In community property states such as Nevada, a husband and wife who own an LLC together can choose to be treated as a Single-Member LLC (Qualified Joint Venture) for tax purposes. If they do not make this choice, their LLC automatically defaults to being taxed as a Partnership. This decision affects the way taxes are filed and paid.

    Electing Corporate Taxation for an LLC

    An LLC has the option to be taxed as a Corporation, diverging from the default classifications. There are two corporate tax options available: S-Corporation and C-Corporation.

    For S-Corporation Taxation (Elective Status): By submitting Form 2553, an LLC can opt for S-Corporation taxation, which may reduce self-employment taxes for established, profitable businesses.

    For C-Corporation Taxation (Elective Status): By filing Form 8832, an LLC can elect to be taxed as a C-Corporation. This choice can offer advantages, such as improved healthcare fringe benefits for large employers.

    Nevada State Income Tax 

    Most LLCs in Nevada are treated as pass-through entities. Since Nevada does not impose a state income tax, individual owners report their share of the LLC’s income on their personal tax returns. However, this arrangement is specific to Nevada residents and does not apply to non-resident businesses that operate within Nevada.

    Commerce Tax Return

    In Nevada, LLCs that do business and generate revenue exceeding $4 million are subject to the Commerce Tax. Businesses that earn less than this threshold are not required to file a Commerce Tax Return. Additionally, there may be taxes specific to certain industries that could also apply.

    Local Income Tax

    In Nevada, both LLCs and individuals might need to meet local income tax requirements set by their municipalities. To comply, they must file and pay these taxes, and it’s recommended to seek professional help for guidance.

    Nevada Sales Tax

    LLCs that sell products in Nevada are required to collect sales tax. To do this, they need a Seller’s Permit from the Nevada Department of Taxation. The amount of sales tax collected depends on the customer’s location.

    Nevada Resale Certificate

    A Resale Certificate allows LLCs to avoid paying sales tax on items purchased for resale. This is particularly crucial for businesses in the manufacturing or retail sectors.

    Nevada LLC Payroll Taxes

    LLCs with employees are responsible for handling payroll taxes. This includes withholding federal and state income taxes, as well as Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. In Nevada, one of the taxes applicable to businesses with employees is the Modified Business Tax (MBT).

    Unemployment Insurance Tax

    This tax, paid by employers, supports individuals who are unemployed. It’s managed by the Nevada Employment Security Division and forms a part of the Unemployment Insurance system.

    Modified Business Tax

    Under Nevada’s unemployment laws, LLCs with employees must pay the Modified Business Tax (MBT), which is calculated from gross wages after deducting health care benefits. This tax is distinct from federal payroll taxes and requires a separate registration process.

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    Nevada LLC Cost FAQs


    Establishing an LLC in Nevada entails more than just the initial formation fee. It involves acquiring documentation, engaging registered agents, addressing essential aspects such as operating agreements, and obtaining an EIN. Efficient financial handling in these aspects is vital, underscoring the significance of specialized LLC services such as those offered by Tailor Brands.

    By comprehending the intricate expenses and leveraging expert assistance, entrepreneurs can confidently establish their Nevada LLC, laying a robust groundwork and fostering a conducive environment for sustained success.

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