Organisation and projects:

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    There are many elements in the environment of a project, and ‘organisation’ is one of the most important. Organisational decisions can encompass wide-ranging aspects, such as partnerships, key supplier and sub-contracting relationships and responsibilities within a project – and that’s the key word: “responsibilities”.

    Making responsibilities clear at the practical working level, perhaps phase by phase, is one of the most important tasks a project team will do. The converse is that if we don’t make responsibilities clear, the downstream impact of this will all too often be measured in cost, schedule and technical terms – sometimes this alone leads to substantial impacts on a project’s success and delivery goals.

    So, if this is the case, why is it that so many project teams roll along without spending much effort or paying attention to this question – it seems such a fundamental thing to do, but corporate and individual behaviour does not always support this?

    What do you think and what are your experiences on your projects?


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