5 Reputation Management Online Tips That Work

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    Guest Post by Jean Ryan

    Reputation management online is something a lot of businesses are interested in today. With the popularity of the internet today, news is able to travel very quickly. This could obviously be good or bad, depending on what is said. Therefore, keeping up a good online reputation is essential.

    There are plenty of strategies for doing this. Here are 5 guidelines that work:

    Hire A Reputation Management Service

    There are plenty of these services out there today, and they are similar to PR firms in that they help you maintain a good reputation. Essentially, these services are designed to stop negative press, while promoting positive things about your company. In many instances they can do this more effectively than you can, and hiring them could be worth the investment.

    Respond To Negative Feedback

    If you have a popular product or service, then chances are people have reviewed it online. If there are negative reviews about you, make sure you respond and set the record straight. Obviously you do not want to get in an argument with the person.

    Instead, you might want to acknowledge your mistake (if it is true, of course) and offer to make up for it. You could offer them free future products or services, a discount for an upcoming promotion, etc. This can be a very effective strategy for winning that customer back while also helping you in the eyes of the general public.


    Starting a blog is a great strategy for maintaining a connection with the people you are trying to reach. Many companies are using blogs to effectively get their message out, and better reach their customers. One of the reasons they are so effective is that you can respond to comments from your customers, and answer their questions.

    Article Marketing

    This strategy has been around for quite some time, and it is quite effective for giving you a good reputation. Submitting articles allows you to provide free information on quality article directories. This just enables you to reach your target customers more effectively. At the bottom of the article, you can include a link to your website, so it can drive in some new customers as well.

    Get Feedback

    It is important to see what your current customers think of you. Every now and then, make sure to ask them about your products and services, and what they would like to see you improve. This just shows them you care about their opinions, and it can help you to better meet their needs.

    Reputation management online can be very effective, when done right. Use these 5 guidelines, and you should see good results shortly.


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    Jean Ryan is a highly experienced writer and an internet marketing entrepreneur. Her ideas on web reputation management are highly effective, borne out of decades of experience. She specializes on providing consultation services to businesses in need of solid online reputation management. Follow Jean Ryan on Google+.