Another Red Card for FIFA After Crimea Slip

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    Embattled organization makes another mistake leading up to World Cup in Russia

    FIFA has already taken a great deal of heat over its controversial decisions to hold World Cups in Russa and Qatar, and now the organization is making headlines once again over an immense oversight that shows the world just how little attention they care to little details like, ohhh, human rights and forcible annexation of other countries.

    In a video premiered on the side of Russia’s Bolshoi Theatre, the disputed Crimean peninsula was depicted as a part of Russia, a move that did not go ignored by the international community.

    Facing immense, immediate pressure, FIFA (sort-0f) apologized for the mistake, offering up this excuse to the press:

    “Unfortunately the map of Russia selected and used during the projection by the local service provider escaped our attention and the short sequence in question has been removed”

    At this point it’s difficult to see FIFA leadership’s culture as anything but one of greed and incompetence, the last image you want to have when your operation relies heavily on corporate sponsorship to succeed. Current leadership can hold on, but with the immense international outcry regarding the organization and its decision making, we smell a big house cleaning coming down the line.

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