Some Frameworks and Models of Project Management

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    The following list was graciously contributed by Marc Bonnemains, and is from a LinkedIn discussion about project management.

    The following items are referred to as frameworks and models. Many people distinguish between the two, and might explain that a framework is a structure within which an activity occurs, but a model also describes the functioning relationship between the activities within that structure. The following items are not individually classified as a framework or model.

    1. Of course the PMBOK and others –
    2. IPMA Compétence base line –
    3. APM Body of knowledge –
    4. La conduite de projets à l’IN2P3 –
    5. HERMES – La méthode suisse de conduite de projets –
    6. Japanese Project Management – Project and Program Management for Enterprise Innovation (P2M) –
    7. IEEE Software Engineering Standards –
    8. ADePT Methodology is new approach to managing a project to a successful completion –
    9. COTA –
    10. Peace Corps – Peace Corps Programming and Training Manual –
    11. Some others links : Papers, Links and Project Management Resources –


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