Is There “Best Practice” Project Management?

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    Is there any such thing as a ‘best practice’ project management?

    I have a personal view but my aim in this blog is partly to pose and discuss questions of relevance and value.

    It is certainly true that projects by their very nature can be very different and that drives some people to argue that trying to encourage or even “require” project teams to adopt any given practices may at best produce no benefit and at worst do the opposite – therefore they argue against the concept of best practices being appropriate in projects.

    Others though, would argue that there are central principles that are fundamental to delivering projects well – often a very challenging task in itself. They might also argue that those principles are common to most if not all projects? Therefore the key question might be how can, or can these principles be translated into practices that support effective project definition and delivery?

    One point of note you may wish to keep in mind before commenting – project management is a very broad topic itself and the aims and needs (and challenges) of project management can vary quite substantially from one business environment to another – therefore whenever we discuss questions such as this we need to be very mindful of this fact – in other words what may be fundamentally important in one environment may be completely irrelevant in another. Therefore it might be useful at times to qualify our comments.

    Finally, please do contribute to the debate in this blog and by all means feel free to post questions. However, we must ask all to read and abide by the guidance on posting and participating – most importantly, no spam or similar.


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