Purpose of this Effective Career Management Blog

Are you a manager, administrator, technical professional, or support staff who wants to…

  • Advance your leadership and your career.
  • Find a new direction or a more suitable career path?
  • Survive the next round of pink slips and come out as a winner?
  • Get that competitive edge in searching for your next job or position.
  • Learn how to market yourself, be a better boss, deal with work politics and so much more.

This blog will help you revitalize, reposition, or retool your career for the constantly changing marketplace and workplace. It will help you develop career resilience – having the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and actions to be in control of your career success and satisfaction.

The benefit of effective career management is to put you in the driver’s seat of your professional and managerial career. Done well, it will help you to:

  • Make better decisions during your entire career – from just starting out to taking leadership to making a positive impact in your work life.
  • Leverage your strengths, your network, and your resources to create a career, not a job, security in an insecure world.
  • Increase personal confidence and competency to take advantage of change before it takes advantage of you.

Examples of Topics (or Categories) Relevant to this Blog

You can understand even more about the focus of this blog by looking at examples of various related topics (or categories) that this blog might write about. The following list includes examples of related topics as does the list of Related Library Topics in the sidebar. There may be other related topics, as well.

  • 5 career Killers to avoid
  • Leadership life-saver tips
  • Wake up a sleeping career
  • Do you have boss problems?
  • Smart vs. bumper car networking
  • Make career change work for you
  • Navigate corporate culture and politics
  • How to influence up, across, and outside
  • Find growth opportunities in your organization

About Me, This Blog’s Host.

I’m Marcia Zidle, a career strategist and business coach, who is the host of this blog. Its focus will be practical tips and tools to take charge of your career and build your leadership. You can read more about me next to my picture to the right of each page of the blog. I look forward to your comments, questions, and challenges.

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