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Effective Conference Fundraising with CFC Ambassadors

1. Making Your Nonprofit Conference A Special Event by Natalie Lewis Keep your vendors happy; show others that they could really benefit from being one of your conference exhibitors, and there will be more vendors who will be wanting to “sign up.” Would you object to having those additional vendor fees ?? 2. Events In Private Homes: Part III - Solicitation by Hank Lewis Solicitation at a home event, asking attendees to write a check, depends on whether or not this is a first-time meeting for this group of attendees.

Meeting Expectations: Memorable Crisis Management Quotes

Memorable Crisis Management Quotes: Meeting Expectations Words of wisdom on keeping everyone happy! One of our fondest sayings here at Bernstein Crisis Management is, “Reputation is your most valuable asset”. Of course, it’s also your most vulnerable asset, constantly at risk of damage from countless angles. What exactly decides your reputation? Well, besides the obvious, …

Carnival in Crisis (yes, AGAIN) Over Failed CDC Inspection

When it rains, it pours. Just ask Crisis at Carnival management team. In yet another blow to Carnival Cruise Line’s barely-standing reputation, a CDC report detailing the failure of the ship “Fascination” to meet cleanliness and food service standards is making the media rounds. Here’s a sample of what’s being said, from an ABC News …

Crisis Management & Customer Service

Strong customer service creates valuable crisis management opportunities In an article from my most recent Crisis Manager newsletter, friend and reputation management consultant Jeff Chatterton wrote about the significance of customer service in crisis management and the negative results that quickly come from ignoring said customers. On the heels of that came a posting by …