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    This post is a little different folks, it’s about searching for a position as a training designer, or training specialist. It’s my personal journey in the search for said position. I have been looking for a career position for almost 18 months. I started in January, 2009 one semester prior to graduating with my Masters of Science degree from Northern Michigan University – located in Marquette, MI in the Upper Peninsula. I started early in this search because I knew the economy was going south and I wanted a job in May, 2009 when I finished. Well I am still looking!

    I have tried very hard to stay positive and up beat throughout this search. I have been submitting at least 6 resumes and cover letters on a daily basis and have had approximately 5 interviews (only 2 in person) and the rest over the phone, I have spoken with recruiters, career coaches, my mentor Dr. James Suksi, the career center at NMU and have gone to various job fairs, linked in profile, career transition groups, Jobs Education and Training through the Department of Human Services (they asked why I was there)! Still nothing. Still trying to keep positive, mood is dwindling quickly at this point…

    Now let me say this, I have excellent references, am fairly smart (my former employer says I’m brilliant) I love training and development, I love problem solving, I have a B.S. in behavioral psychology with a double minor in human services and substance abuse counseling. So I am reasonably educated. I have grad certificates in facilitating training and performance improvement. I have given a presentation to the U.P. Chapter of ASTD (Knowledge management) I am comfortable presenting. I am so terribly frustrated.

    I am sure there are others in my position, I just am so sure that I can offer so much to an organization and I have done a lot of practical stuff in school involving real organizations, (they were mock presentations but real problems). I seem to have hit a brick wall. Now I am considering going to Schoolcraft college and getting certified as a welder (not even remotely interested in this but perhaps I could make a living at it). This is not what I want – I want a job in the training field I was born to do this I swear! I went back to college later in life, but I finished both my degrees before I was 50 (a goal I beat), I am a hard worker, love to work and give everything I have to my job. I want to work, I need to work. I am now at the point where I am placing the blame solely on my shoulders but that is not doing much for me either. I even had to move in with my very supportive parents (that was humiliating)…

    Well thanks for letting me vent.

    As always, Happy training and for those in the job search I feel for you. For those reading this who are in a hiring capacity call me! Concerns, comments and guests are always welcome.



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