Team building energiser: Team Jump

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    We would like to share an idea for a team building energiser that can be run inside or outside and would work especially well with larger teams. It’s called ‘Team Jump’.

    A team jumping
    This activity is not as easy as it sounds, especially with larger groups

    This team building activity is a great way to re-energise the team and have a great photo memory of your day’s training.

    Running the Activity:
    Tell the team that in 5 minutes you want to take a photo of the whole team jumping all at the same time and in the photo no one’s feet can be touching the ground. If feet are touching the ground the photo has to be re-taken.

    This activity involves the team communictaing, planning and practicising effectively so just stand back, watch and be ready to take the photo when called upon.

    The larger the group the harder it is.

    – Try and get the team to jump in front of an iconic or impressive background.
    – Use a digital camera because it will be very quick to check if the team have been successful or if you need to re-take the photo.
    – Make sure you check that no one involved is pregnant or has a bad back etc. If people do they can be the photographers and facilitators to help the task run smoothly.

    Other suggestions:
    If you have any other ideas for an energiser do let us know.


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