Gratitude and a Well-Lived Life

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    Gratitude & Living Well

    When I decided to write about Gratitude for this month’s blog, I wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to take with the topic.

    Then I got the video link below of a childhood friend of my niece and nephew.

    Clint Smith is a smart, articulate 20-something from New Orleans. Watching him speak his truth in the TED Talk he gave in NY, I got chills. I’m not surprised this video has almost 2 million views. If he’s a sign of our future, we are in good hands.

    Clint’s TED Talk Video

    Clint challenges us all to step up, to show up, to speak our truth to discrimination and intolerance.

    >> How are you remaining silent to bigotry, environmental harm, greed or injustice where you work?

    >> What will give you the courage to speak your truth?

    Nelson Mandela quote

    A Well-Lived Life

    I want to juxtapose Clint’s talk with the topic of Gratitude by asking this question:

    What is a well-lived life for you?

    This is a question worth reflecting on as we move into Thanksgiving and other holidays.

    Family and friends will gather. Many find this time renewing and joyful. It is what makes a life well lived- sharing time with loved ones and breaking bread together.

    Others find this time of year very painful, hard to get through. This time of year provides fertile ground for healing, and reconciliation.

    As you reflect on the many blessings in your life, the small and large ways you create a well-lived life, share some expression of your gratitude.

    • Be patient with those you love. Be kind to those in need.
    • Give the homeless man an apple.
    • Speak your truth- with love and grace.
    • Stand up for yourself and the dignity of others.

    Well-Lived Life Reflections

    I’ve collected various essays from articles I’ve written and put them together as an eBook called “Renew Your Heart Expand Your Soul”. It will be available in a couple weeks on my website – .

    One article is titled “A Well-Lived Life” and inspired by conversations in my Ethical Leadership class. If you are interested in getting a spiral bound copy of this booklet, email me for shipping details –

    ~ ~ ~

    May your Holiday Season be filled with ways to live well.




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