Real Responsibilities of Project Managers?

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    Too many businesses describe the responsibilities of a project manager along the lines of: “to deliver the project on time and within budget” – this is the goal of project management, not the responsibilities of a project manager. Neither, for example, does it do much to help those entering the profession to understand the fullness of the role (or the level of challenge they may be about to face).

    If you agree with the above, here’s one suggestion: organisations, business schools and the like understand common causes of project failure. Often this includes things like: “lack of / poor planning”. Therefore, if for example, you believe in the value of planning, one line on the PMs responsibilities should focus on this, hopefully qualified by measurable ‘standards’ that the organisation expects to achieve in this or any other area.

    The other issue that the opening statement does not help with is the managing effectively the expectations or even behaviours required of project managers. Being an effective project manager requires being willing to take responsibility – not for everything, but in the main for the success or otherwise of the project. Food for thought.


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