Coaching Tool – The Art of Challenge

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    In coaching, a challenge is a powerful request that asks the client to extend themselves beyond their self-imposed limits. A challenge can shift the way the client sees and thinks of themselves for years to come.

    The elements of a challenge include a specific action and the date/time of completion.

    Here are some examples of challenges:

    • For a client that is overwhelmed with demands: “I challenge you to say “no” to anything that is not a priority this week.”
    • For a client that procrastinates: “I challenge you to finish your project by tomorrow morning.”
    • For the client that isn’t satisfied with their physical well being: “Here’s my challenge – sign up for the marathon instead of the 5K right now.”
    • For a client that wants to make one cold call a day to increase business: “I challenge you to make fifty calls a day starting today.”

    Clients can respond with a yes, no or counter offer. Usually, in the face of a challenge, clients will respond with a counter offer that is greater than they initially would have allowed themselves to make otherwise. Therefore the challenge served its purpose – to get your client out of the box and change their way of thinking.

    In what ways do you use challenge?

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