10 Tips to Communicate Messages Effectively

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    How skilled are you at communicating messages to others? Effective communication is one of the keys to success. Here are some tips that you will find useful to communicate messages more effectively.

    1. Notice your impact when speaking/delivering the message – what is going on with the other person? Watch for their nonverbal cues of disinterest or lack of understanding so you can adjust your delivery.

    2. Who do you know that is an effective communicator? Study their approach and learn from them.

    3. Seek feedback on your communication abilities from a friend or trusted peer.

    4. Use vocal variety, such as volume, pitch and pace to emphasize your major point. It is easier for your listener to understand when your voice varies.

    5. Avoid rambling – outline in your mind (or on paper) what you are going to say before you speak. Be succinct and concise.

    6. Ask the listener to summarize what you said. Explain that this will help you to know if you communicated clearly.

    7. Listen to the other person’s thoughts – reasonable people don’t need to get their way, they just need to be heard.

    8. Set a limit on the number of times you voice your position when delivering a message.

    9. Watch your nonverbals – are you using appropriate gestures and body language?

    10. When disagreeing with someone, summarize what you think their position is before responding with your point of view. Avoid jumping in to respond without making sure you understand their message.

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