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    An effective way to start out the 2011 New Year is to Reflect on 2010 and set Intentions for 2011. I created this easy, simple worksheet for my coaching clients to capture their “Reflections” and “Intentions” as they embrace the New Year ahead. Try it and let me know what you think.

    Reflections of 2010

    • What are my wins and successes? What did I learn from these?
    • What are my disappointments? What did I learn from these?
    • Who do I wish to thank?

    Intentions for 2011

    • What do I intend to accomplish? What are my 3 most important priorities?
    • What will I start doing?
    • What will I stop doing?
    • What will I continue to do?
    • Who will be on my team?

    I suggest reviewing your Intentions at least weekly so that you stay on track with what is important to you. Recognize that what you think about expands – so set strategy, and keep focused to get the results that you intend.

    All my best to you and your loved ones for a happy, healthy and successful year ahead!

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