Coaching Tip – How to Give Effective Appreciation

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    When I work with my coaching clients, we discuss the power of expressing consistent appreciation to others. Most people value appreciation and yet do not get the appreciation they feel they deserve – be it employees, associates, customers or family members.

    Here are 3 tips for giving effective appreciation to others:

    1. Be sincere – when you are genuine, you will have a positive impact on the receiver

    2. Be specific – use these two questions to give more effective appreciation:

    What do you like, admire or respect in the other person?

    Why do you feel that way?

    Then state the accomplishment, achievement, trait or quality you have evidenced or observed.

    3. Be brief – too many words dilutes the impact of the message. Being clear and succinct will have a more positive effect.

    Who deserves your sincere appreciation today?

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