12 Lessons Learned in Life: Valuable Insights

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    This post will conclude a series on twelve lessons learned in life or re-learned this year 2011. These final two are lessons that I am reminded of often. Within these two, I find challenge and reward.

    Lesson Eleven

    Your Lessons Can’t Be Forced On Others.

    My teenager reminds me of this daily. She has always been strong willed and independent. (I am not sure where she gets it really). She is determined to lesson learned in life and she is determined to do things her way. And from her, I was reminded that I need to let her. I have to trust that I gave her enough tools while she was growing up to make better choices and to learn from the few bad ones she makes along the way.

    When you consider how adults learn, we all know that it is not by listening to others anyway. However, I so often get the same response from managers when I ask how this employee or that employee should have known to make a better choice, “They should have known because I told them right when they started not to do it that way.” However, did we tell them why it was important? Or did we share the result of doing it that way? Did we give them the tools to make the right decision? Or did we just tell them to do it that way because we said so?

    We need to provide the tools to trust employees to make the right choice. And when they make the wrong one, we need to coach them through the process.

    Lesson Twelve

    HR is Still the Best Job on the Planet. Despite all the bad press we get, HR can have the biggest impact on the organization. When it is good, you can see all the positive impacts and when it’s not so good, you can see that too. Figuring out how to do it well is part of the challenge and with all the change that comes within organizations, the challenge is constant. And despite the challenge, HR can be the most rewarding job in the company when you find what works for your organization and see a real impact on the bottom line. Many organizations still don’t expect HR to impact the bottom line in a positive way and often when it happens, credit is given to operations or other leaders. That remains part of the challenge and I say it’s ok if someone else gets credit. If we are doing this for the right reasons, that doesn’t matter anyway.

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