The Board’s Role in Fundraising

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    There’s been frequent discussion about a Board Member’s obligation to contribute to his/her nonprofit; and, what that boils down to is that every Board Member must set an example by giving to the best of his/her ability.

    Even a dollar (if that’s all s/he can afford) will help demonstrate, to other potential (individual and institutional) funders, that every Board Member has “supported” their organization.

    Keep in mind that other potential donors, especially those who’d make the larger gifts, would have less reason/motivation to give if they see that an organization does not have 100%, wholehearted, Board Member participation.

    In addition, a Board Member:
    1. Helps to identify other potential donors;
    2. Conveys to those individuals the depth of his feeling/passion for the organization and its mission;
    3. Exhibits the satisfaction that she gets from seeing how people are helped by what the organization does; and,
    4. Gets the prospective donor to where she wants to share in those feelings.

    The nonprofit Board Member should be a visible example of how a potential donor can share in the warm-and-fuzzies of being part of something really rewarding/satisfying.

    Board Members may not all be major donors, and may not all be involved in the identification, cultivation and solicitation of donors, but all Board Members do have to be involved. Their level of involvement makes a statement to others as to their level of commitment…. Sometimes, what they don’t do also makes a statement.

    Everything that Board Members do can impact (positively or negatively) the organization’s ability to engender charitable support.

    A Board Member is someone who sets an example, and by example gets others to want to become donors/advocates/leaders to that organization.

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