Improving/Expanding Your Fundraising Program

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    The Summer Is A Great Time To Make New Things Start To Happen !!

    It would be a good time for a Development Program Analysis/Assessment/Audit to take a look at your current fundraising activities/programs to determine:
    • What you’re not doing that you could do; and,
    • What you’re doing that you could do more (cost) effectively !!

    That should include an evaluation of your fundraising leadership and your leadership potential. It should incorporate an assessment of your fundraising knowledge/skills. It should determine how effectively you’re getting your message out to your (potential) donors, and how your donors/leaders/volunteers feel about how they are recognized for their support/efforts.

    It would be a good time to begin Creating/Enhancing your Major Gifts Program — you could:
    • Identify potential leadership;
    • Identify potential major donors; and,
    • Figure out how to get them to tell you what you need to do to get them to do what you
    want them to do !!

    A major focus of this process is to learn what it is that would make folks want to become major donors to your organization.

    It would be a good time to begin working on that Bequest Program you’ve been thinking about, so you can:
    • Ensure long-term (5-, 6- & 7-figure) cash flow;
    • Build a volunteer leadership that will want to help you create the program; and,
    • Design a “Recognition Program” that will encourage potential “Legacy Society” members
    to want to join you.

    In addition to the elements noted for the first two activities, you must determine what it would take to get people to want to name you in their wills.

    And, to emphasize “the” critical factor for all of the above, the fact-finding and planning must focus on how, by supporting you, the (potential) donors will be satisfying their own needs.

    Have a comment or a question about starting, evaluating, or expanding your fundraising program? With over 30 years of counseling in major gifts, capital campaigns, bequest programs, and the planning studies to precede these three, I’ll be pleased to answer your questions. Contact me at


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