Staying Motivated

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    Even the best laid plans can go awry, and we all have tough times in business. It can be challenging to close major sales, get the growth we want, and our competitors tend to throw up obstacles.

    Through all this, how do you stay motivated? What works for you may not work for someone else. This is a personal question.

    For the goal-oriented among us, it can help to have some objectives with timeframes. Of course, part of the goal will be an outcome based on your actions. However, you can only control your actions. What you do and how you do it. Many hone these to obtain the desired results throughout their career.

    It is important to understand where you are now, and to set realistic goals. Stretch goals can push you further. However, impossible goals are demotivating.

    Another source of motivation is the satisfaction in the work, the process. The results may not be what you want right now. The growth you had expected by now may be disappointing. However, the joy of doing the work and doing what will bring growth can buoy spirits until the next spurt of growth occurs. When it does, don’t forget to celebrate.

    Following the greats or your mentors can provide new ideas and inspiration. Focusing on the potential of your business creates energy and excitement in your work. Keeping some quote handy or learning more about your idol’s accomplishments, ideas. Brainstorming ideas with peers can create that energy too.

    Noting your progress is key. It is always so easy to look at what we haven’t done, at what is left to do. However, looking back at what you have accomplished so far helps your perspective. You are equal to the task at hand.

    Checking in with your team on a weekly basis can demonstrate progress and focus the team on the key activities at hand. It can provide an excellent forum for discussing the vision, brainstorming and generating excitement.

    Finally, if you are just having a bad day, it might be time to take a break, go for a walk, smell the roses, or say hello to your family. This can give you a fresh look at the problem, with new solutions.

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