How to bring about nationwide change? – a dilemma

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    Ingrid is a director on the board of a small listed company. The Chairman is an ‘industry veteran’ and, whilst greatly respected for his experience and knowledge is also followed by a reputation for drinking more alcohol than he can safely handle. For the past two years all has gone well and Ingrid has grown to like and admire her Chairman.

    The company is now raising capital for a contentious project and, at a recent investment roadshow, the Chairman had to be forcefully removed from the room by the company’s broker because he was slurring his speech and talking nonsense. The broker is very angry that he has been made to look bad in front of his potential investors.

    The board called a meeting without the Chairman at which the directors resolved to ask the Chairman to account for his behaviour and undertake either resign or cease drinking. However, when the audit committee Chair spoke with the Chairman he explained that he had been unwell and one small glass of wine which reacted with his medication to cause the incident. The Chairman refused to resign or to make any commitment to curb his drinking.

    The remaining board members have, again, met without the Chairman present. They are unable to agree on how to proceed. Some want to express a vote of no confidence and seek shareholder support for removing the Chairman; others take a more lenient stance.

    What should Ingrid do?

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    What would you advise?

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